• After you have requested and received an appointment for an initial appointment, we will email a link to complete a patient intake and other forms to complete prior to our first meeting. The patient intake includes basic demographic information, insurance, credit card authorization form, practice privacy forms, etc . Completing these forms and submitting them ahead of our first appointment will allow me to focus on your needs rather than collecting information and completing forms. These forms serve as the basis of our conversation and contribute toward developing an effective diagnosis and personalized treatment recommendation.
  • Please note that even though we allow booking appointments online, you must receive confirmation from the office before the appointment is officially scheduled.
  • Our initial meeting will involve collecting a lot of your background history including previous diagnoses and treatment strategies, physical health, educational history, occupational history and family history.
  • Your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, height and weight) will be taken.  A detailed medical history will also be obtained.  I may also request to collaborate with your primary care physician and order blood tests or other diagnostic tests (e.g. an electrocardiogram, head CT scan, etc.).  As a physician, this detailed medical evaluation is necessary in order to make sure that you are able to physically tolerate the medications and clarify whether an underlying medical illness may be contributing to your mental health concerns.
  • Depending on how much we are able to cover in our first session, we may need additional diagnostic sessions.   If I have enough information during our first meeting, I will share with you my diagnosis and treatment strategy.

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