We currently are in-network for Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield (not Blue Local or Blue Value), Cigna and United Healthcare.  However, it is your responsibility to verify whether our services are covered by your insurance as there are many different plans per insurance company.

We do not accept: Medicare or Medicaid.

Patients with out-of-network coverage may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement from the insurance companies not listed.  Please call your insurance company prior to your appointment and determine your mental health service benefits. At the time of your visit, we can provide you with a specialized invoice called a superbill. You can submit a claim to your insurance company directly along with the superbill to request reimbursement.

Don’t have insurance or a high deductible insurance plan?  No problem.  We offer a membership medicine model for patients who will be paying out of pocket.

What is Membership Medicine?

With membership medicine, patients pay in cash for regular, affordable care.  Sometimes this is instead of insurance or sometimes in addition to insurance, saving insurance for expensive surgeries and hospital visits.  This eliminates the middle man i.e. the insurance company which saves the practice money, savings which are passed on to you. Because this method of payment does not use insurance and the costs associated with using filing for insurance, we are able to greatly discount what a typical visit might cost.  Also because we spend less time with the insurance process, we have more time to spend giving you the attention you deserve.

For an example, you sign up for a very high-deductible plan that will cover high-cost medical expenses that rarely occur. You can simultaneously pay a reasonable monthly fee to a membership medicine practice for monthly visits for routine emotional health care.   In this scenario however, we do not offer superbills for you to obtain reimbursement from your insurance-remember the benefit of membership medicine only happens because we don’t have to deal with the insurance company.

So for the cost of cable or cell phone coverage, you can invest in your mental health wellness!

Membership Fees

  • Registration fee (One time fee required at first visit) = $89
  • Monthly Fee= $89 (billed on the 5th day of the month)

Membership Benefits

  • One Monthly 30 Min. Medication Management appointment
    • You do not have to use an accrued appointment each month but you should plan to use all your visits before the end of your 12 month contract.
    • You may cancel your contract at any time.  Please cancel before the 5th of the month to avoid your monthly charge.

Cost Savings

  • Typical Psychiatric evaluation (first visit): $225
  • Your First Visit: $89 registration fee + $89 first monthly fee=$178 (21% savings!)
  • Typical Follow-up visit=$115
  • Your Follow Visit (30min)=$89 monthly fee ($23% savings!)

Billing or Insurance questions can be addressed to our Medical Biller by emailing billing@pricepsychiatry.com or by calling (919) 803-6320.