Psychotherapy refers to the treatment of mental health conditions through the use of therapy. This therapy can come in many different forms, depending on the professional providing it and the individual needs of the patient. Most commonly, psychotherapy is provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals. Psychotherapy has helped many people around the world overcome mental health disorders and restore quality of life.

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What is Psychotherapy?

The word psychotherapy literally means “mind treatment.” As it implies, psychotherapy is the blanket term given to therapy designed to help a patient overcome one or more mental health problems. There are many different mental health disorders treated as a part of psychotherapy.

Types of mental issues that can be addressed with psychotherapy include:

  • Mood disorders: Depression, bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorders: Phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, PTSD
  • Eating disorders: Anorexia, bulimia
  • Personality disorders: Borderline personality disorder, dependent personality disorder
  • Addictions: Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, food addiction

This list represents just a small portion of the many mental health disorders that psychotherapy is thought to be effective in treating. Furthermore, a person does not need to suffer from a major mental health disorder to enjoy the benefits of psychotherapy treatment. Therapy is also useful for those looking to achieve better clarity, improve relationships or generally relieve anxiety.

Psychotherapy typically begins with an initial consultation or appointment to determine and diagnose which mental health problems are present. From there, a specific therapy treatment plan can be developed.

Types of Psychotherapy

There are a nearly endless variety of psychotherapy treatments. Each treatment differs in the methods used and which mental health disorders are being treated. There is no best psychotherapy treatment; instead, the choice of treatment depends on the preference of the provider and the individual needs of each patient.

Many psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals provide more than one type of psychotherapy. Some of the most common treatment types include:

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy (family therapy, marriage therapy, couples therapy)
  • Group psychotherapy (group therapy)

These are the most common types of psychotherapy. Most providers will use more than one of these methods in a plan designed to address the specific problems that a patient is suffering from.

There are also other less-common types of psychotherapy. These methods use coping methods and entertainment to relieve stress or anxiety. These include music therapy, animal therapy, hypnotherapy and many others.

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Psychotherapy is required to be confidential, meaning it’s a great way for patients to express what they may not feel comfortable with in other situations. Depending on the needs of the patient, psychotherapy can last anywhere from a few weeks to a lifetime.

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